These are our most frequently asked questions and answers.  Can’t find your question here? Please contact us!

Scheduling appointments is always recommended however, we are able at times to accommodate walk-ins for smaller tattoos, on a first come, first served basis. We would suggest calling or stopping in first thing in the AM to inquire about the availability of our artist, for the day.

The best way to set up an appointment is to email us by visiting the BOOKING section and provide us with the idea about your tattoo, including information about the design, supporting photos / visuals of your idea, placement, budget, and any additional reference photos that you are able to provide. You can call the shop number (317)-810-1049 or just come in and talk with someone (If you stop in, an artist may not always be available to stop his / her tattoo session to discuss your ideas. Please respect the client who is in the chair at that moment.)

Prices will vary based on size, level of detail, time involved, and artist selected. We are not able to provide quotes over the phone. Scheduling a consultation is the best option to discuss your project. Our shop minimum is $80 per person.

All tattoo appointments will require a deposit. Depending on the artist or size of project, deposits can range from $50 – $200. Deposits are non-refundable, and are deducted from the total cost of the tattoo (For multiple session tattoos, deposits are deducted from the last appointment needed to complete your piece.)

For the most part, Yes! We have the ability to sharpen, clean-up, and bring an older tattoo back to life. Please remember that not every tattoo can be covered. Scheduling a consultation for these types of situations is the best step forward. If we are not able to provide what you are wanting we can suggest other options that will the process or provide a path for us to achieve a desired outcome.

We do not do laser tattoo removal. We do work with local professionals that will provide you with the best advice for your needs.

We do not do piercings at this time. We are planning and preparing to have jewelry and piercing options in the near future.

Parking is available right out front of our shop on South Rangeline Road (limited street parking – regulated by time.) There is parking available behind the building to the West (limited due to other businesses & local residents.) Finally, there is a multi-level parking garage, free to the public, West of the shop and North of Monon Green Blvd.