Forever Gallery PR Release

Forever Gallery is an all disposable, appointment, walk-in, and consultation tattoo and art gallery, located in the Carmel City Center, bordering the arts district down-town Carmel, Indiana, featuring world-class tattoo artists, painters, and various guest artists that travel through to work out of Forever Gallery Tattoo. Each artist focuses on producing custom, one-of-a-kind tattoos, unique to their own style. This unique format for a studio like Forever Gallery has never been seen in Carmel, Indiana and has proven to be a winning formula, allowing artists that are constantly excelling at their tattooing and art, due to this focused format. Forever Gallery also hosts many guest tattoo artists as well as showcasing emerging and established fine art artists and their works.

Forever Gallery is a clean, friendly, tattoo studio and art gallery that is always offering guest artists who are traveling around the country a studio to comfortably work from. Forever Gallery exudes a relaxing, warm and professional studio with an open environment that makes the energy of the studio feel receptive, conversational, and inviting. Once inside Forever Gallery, the client will experience a very sleek and professional look creating a feel of relaxation and creativity surrounded by original fine art pieces and high quality prints hanging on the walls while looking through artists’ portfolios, dreaming up new designs, collectively creating a tattoo that will forever be with them, none of which the community of Carmel has seen before.

Forever Gallery will be offering the highest rated tattoo services in the area as well as fine art pieces from local artists and established artists from across the United States.

Forever Gallery will showcase original works of art, prints, and other quality merchandise from up-and-coming and established artists, using all types of mediums with an emphasis on impressionism, surrealism, expressionism, art novel, realism, neorealism, and relativism. Forever Gallery will also showcase top tier students and graduates that have produced excellence above their peers from Herron School of Art and Design and Carmel High School.

The crew of Forever Gallery consists of an amazing team of artists, along with studio managers behind the entire operations making Forever Gallery run smooth, organized and clean. At Forever Gallery, each tattoo artist has their own unique style, giving clients their choice of which artist they’d like to get tattooed by in the style they are seeking. The variety of styles at Forever Gallery allows each artist the chance to build a solid foundation for the type of tattooing they want to focus on while excelling in a private studio atmosphere.

Forever Gallery saw a need to raise the standard of tattooing for the City of Carmel and surrounding areas. The Carmel City Center shares the level of quality and sophistication that Forever Gallery has built its foundation on.

Yes. Forever Gallery will have both a soft open (July 2020) and a grand opening (Aug 2020).

As each customer leaves Forever Gallery they will know that they experienced the cleanest, friendliness, most welcoming environment that produced the highest quality tattoo they could have received in the known area.

Sunday – Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Thursday: 9am – 7:30pm

Friday – Saturday: 11am – 7:30pm

Forever Gallery has worked side by side with the Hamilton County Department of Health to comply with and establish new regulations for tattoo studios in regards to the Covid-19 Pandemic and opening the State of Indiana back up. Forever Gallery has taken this opportunity to create the safest regulations to our already personal strict studio code of cleanliness and sterility. Every clientele will know that their personal protection and the protection of their families are a priority while they are surrounded by artwork, creativity, and the family of Forever Gallery Tattoo.